Welcome to the Rodilniy dom No.4, Bukharovo, Ivanovo region.

OBUZ “Maternity Hospital No. 4” (regional public healthcare facility) is one of the largest birthing centers of the Ivanovo region that provides highly professional medical assistance for pregnant women, in labor and delivery, during postpartum period, as well as  for newborn in their early neonatal period (first 7 days of life) along with a range of services to make your birthing experience an event to cherish.

More than 2,500 deliveries with high quality indicators are held in our maternity hospital annually.

We try to do our best to recreate the feel of a home in our patients. And they do mention our efforts.

Our maternity hospital is equipped with modern sophisticated medical resources. This makes it possible to use modern technologies widely and provide safe and comfortable medical care for a mother, a fetus, and a newborn on a high level. Attention and care, knowledge and experience of our stuff determine the success of a case.

After your delivery, you and your baby will be moved to one of our comfortable maternity rooms in the Postpartum Unit. To encourage bonding, we keep you and your baby together as much as possible throughout your hospital stay.

We encourage and support new mothers with breastfeeding information during all their hospital stay and even further.

Patients with complications during their pregnancies may be admitted to the hospital for antepartum, or pre-birth, care.